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After many years of service as our Chief Brancardier, John Campbell has decided to retire. On your behalf I want to thank John for his wonderful years of Service to our Pilgrimage; his kindness and friendly manner has been a source of encouragement to us all and his commitment and dedication to Lourdes and the care of the sick has been an amazing example to us of true Christian Service and love. I am delighted that John will continue as President of the Shrewsbury Hospitality and will still be at the heart of our Diocesan Pilgrimage.
I am delighted that Richard Emsley has agreed to take on the role of Chief Brancardier. Richard is well known to all of you and has been prominent amongst the Branc Team for many years. I want to thank Richard for his generosity in accepting this very important position and am sure you will all offer him all the help and support that he will need.
Richard and I have decided to restructure the Senior Branc Team in order to provide a clear line of command and structure that will help the smooth operation of the Pilgrimage. Full details of the new structure will be shared with you in the near future. For now, Richard asked that we have two deputy Chief Brancardiers to assist him and so I have appointed Chris Walsh and James Walker to these new roles. New responsibilities will be assigned to our present assistant chief brancs and once those have been agreed I will let you have details of the whole Senior Team and their responsibilities.
With grateful thanks for all your are doing for our Pilgrimage.
Fr David

Medical team

We are always pleased to hear from any doctors or nurses who would like to join the pilgrimage medical team. For more information please contact Fr David Long, the Pilgrimage Director, through this address or on 0161 480 2489.

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