Awareness &Training Sessions

Dates and venues for the first Awareness & Training sessions are available by clicking here. This is the final list and no more sessions will be added.

All volunteers are reminded that, in order to comply with Safeguarding regulations, attendance at one of these sessions is mandatory if you wish to work as a helper during the pilgrimage. There is no need to register in advance, except at St Ambrose College, as attendance records will be taken at each session.

                                                                                                                              (updated 12 June 2017)

Calling all musicians and singers

The volunteer musicians and singers who contribute so much to the various ceremonies during our pilgrimage each year are greatly appreciated. There are many other equally gifted pilgrims and we would encourage them to consider offering their talents to enhance and broaden the musical offerings this year.


Traditional and modern hymns, Taize and some four-part choral music are the main selections sung during the week in Lourdes, and there are opportunities to play or sing solos and in small groups. There will be one rehearsal in the diocese prior to the pilgrimage and music booklets can be supplied in advance.


All ages are welcome. If you are interesting in joining our merry band of minstrels more information is available from our Music Directors, Francesca and Dominic Robinson, by e-mailing [email protected]

Late night Grotto visits - UPDATE

The Lourdes authorities have ruled that for the 2017 pilgrimage season all gates to the Sanctuary, including the zigzag path, will be locked from midnight until early morning, except for the admission of medical staff on an emergency call to the Accueil Notre Dame.


In a change to their original decision to allow individual groups to have access to the Grotto after midnight by booking in advance, they have now advised that they will permit only one visit per pilgrimage and it may be on a date allocated by the authorities.


Medical team

We would be pleased to hear from any doctors or nurses who would like to join the pilgrimage medical team. For more information please contact Fr David Long, the Pilgrimage Director, through this address or on 0151 638 1520.